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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

“What are you packing” is a question I often get and I must admit to being a bit overwhelmed. But it was not from the clothing list, but from all of the cords... Thank god for my connected 22 year old who sat with me and helped me figure it out!

As I’ve been planning this adventure this past year I had been reading fellow travel blogs on how and what to pack. The what is one thing, the how is another. Rolling is the key to few wrinkles and optimal space utilization. Oh, packing cubes are also a thing.

A major decision point is the electronics as in, will you take a kindle or just use the app? Will you take a camera or just use your iPhone? What backup battery will you use? Headphones, earpods or wireless ear buds? Lap top or iPad?

And then there are the toiletries.... This doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal for men as it does for women, or at least my face thinks so. A friend gave me a McGyver kit which was brilliant as it included a universal sink stopper so I can wash wherever! And that was the joke of the holiday - Is it quick dry!?

So here’s my packing list:

2 pairs of pants

1 pair of yoga pants/leggings

2 yoga tank tops

2 t-shirts

2 short sleeved shirts

1 3/4 long sleeve zippered shirt

1 button up shirt that rolls up to short sleeves

1 long sleeve light weight sweater

1 pair of shorts

1 skort

1 pair of PJ shorts that doubles as regular shorts

2 dresses

2 scarves

6 pairs of underwear

3 bras

3 pairs of socks


Head band that triples as a hair holder, neck warmer or ear warmer

1 rain resistant jacket with really cool travel RFID pockets

1 down jacket that packs tucks into a little roll

Emo hammock (a dear friend gave this to me the day before I left and I found room!!)

1 pair of hiking/tennis shoes

1 pair of sandals

1 pair of flip flops

2 large trash bags at the bottom (use to protect from rain)

So that’s it. I got it all into my 42 liter back pack, but with little room to spare, which makes me a little worried as there isn’t much room for any local purchases.

The toiletries....

Brush with the handle broken off

Vitamins - many little bottles (There has be to be a better way)

Face cream



Solid sunblock

Bar soap




Eye Liner

Body lotion


Another bag of the McGyver stuff:



Malaria pills

Universal sink stopper

Laundry soap flakes

Steri Pen (no plastic water bottles)

Electric toothbrush (I’ve got gum issues... give me a break - LOL)

Prescription glasses

Small Backpack:

Folder with printed copies of passports, credit cards, etc.

Vaccination record

Lots of letters from amazing friends which I will open when I need support

Mini iPad


3 magazines

1 journal


Small reusable tote

CORDS: USB, Apple, toothbrush (that toothbrush one frustrates me)

Multi country converter/adapter

Extra plastic bags

Collapsible water bottle (my new favorite thing!)


Travel purse (with really cool features!)


Wallet with credit cards, debit cards and cash

Hand lotion

Hand wash

Eye pillow

Ear plugs



Charging cord


Jewelry (I’m wearing)

1 pair of earrings

1 Silver ring

4 beaded bracelets (gift from friends who pulled together meaningful beads!)

1 Mala (commissioned by another friend who has moved to OR - miss her)

That’s it! I’ll be back in May and reassess what I’ve used or missed. Two days in and it’s all good so far!

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1 Comment

Jenni Gray Heimach
Jenni Gray Heimach
Jan 03, 2019

Amazing packing! Well done! I was curious, did you need an adapter for electronics?


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