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Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree,
Merry merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh, Kookaburra, laugh, Kookaburra,
Gay your life must be!

The day started off magically with a trip to Cattai National Park with Patrycia from Poland! I saw my first Kookaburra (I didn’t even know it was a bird when I was a kid in Indiana) and throngs of kangaroos! What an unusual animal. Why do they hop and what is it in the evolutionary chain that required them to hop?? Roos... hopping marsupials. Lovely!

It was my first day off from volunteering at Swami’s since I’ve been here ... I was conscious of how giddy I was not to be working and wondered why this single day felt so different from a weekend after a work week. I think it has something to do with how much physical work I’m doing.

After our mini adventure I was back in time for the 10:30am yoga class which was led by a 80+ year old woman that had been taught by Swami. It was a class of all ages, and I was surprisingly inspired as it was accessible to all yet I was able to find my edge.

After lunch I was reading under a shade tree surrounded by the pungent smell of eucalyptus when I was joined by a couple I had taught in yoga class the day before. We had a thoughtful conversation, and I learned that they live in Sydney and both had relocated from London independently of each other. Tom is trying to figure out the rat race. He doesn’t hate his job - yet, but has an hour train commute each way. They bought property outside the City as Sydney is the 5th most expensive City in the world. Who knew! His wife owns a business selling essential oils, candles and home goods that has grown 60% year over year, and did I mention they are expecting a baby in 6 months!? We parted ways as she had to get her 12 week blood test. I would love to keep in touch....

I then was waived down by Sol the Aussie masseur; we had talked the day before about the swimming hole and caves on the property. It was 90 degrees so I threw on my bathing suit and hiking shoes and we started down the path. It turned into quite a scramble! We found Swami’s meditation rock that had a gorgeous view of the valley, several caves that we actually speluncked (is that a word!?) and went off trail and through the woods up and over sandstone boulders and edged our way down to a wide spot in the creek! We jumped into the watering hole after I was assured there were no crocodiles - LOL.

After a healthy meal of pasta covered in homemade fresh squash sauce, a 7:30pm meditation class was scheduled. It was led by Sol the masseur who from time to time doubles as a meditation guide, but the beauty comes from his other skills! He plays the guitar and has a gorgeous voice. We were sung into complete bliss...

I’m sitting in the common room where the WiFi works writing this, and the voices around me are happy and light. A steady rain is falling which is cooling down the temps for a good nights sleep.

It was a good day...

11.5 more months.

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Andrea Grogg
Andrea Grogg
Jan 13, 2019

“Find my edge...”

I thought it many times in class yesterday. I was missing your instruction! I’m glad to see your blog & will travel vicariously for the next 11.5 months. Enjoy!!


Jenni Gray Heimach
Jenni Gray Heimach
Jan 09, 2019

Not a bad day at all!

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